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Brad Smith has been a recognized K9 expert in the law enforcement community for over 30 years and is one of this country's leading K9 experts. Brad’s credentials, training, experience and expertise are impeccable and second to none.

Recognized K9 Expert

Because of his experience and expertise, in 1997, Brad started Canine Tactical Operations and Consulting (K9 Tac Ops) where he provides K9 expert witness reports, opinions, testimony, K9 unit readiness evaluations as well as high risk K9 tactical courses for patrol and SWAT. Brad is extremely successful and has earned a reputation of being extremely detailed, in-depth, thorough and complete in his case review, opinions, reports and testimony.

Brad provides expert witness opinions, testimony and consulting services in the following areas:

  • K9 Patrol deployments and tactics
  • K9 SWAT operations and tactics
  • K9 unit readiness evaluations
  • Police Practices, Procedures And Policy
  • De-Escalation Tactics
  • Is The Unit's Training Current And Up To Date
  • Is The Unit Properly Supervised
  • Arrest Procedures
  • Was The Use Of Force Within The Industry Standards
  • Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA)
  • Review Reports And Training Documentation
  • And More..

Expert Witness Opinions and Testimony

Brad will examine your documents and evidence in your case. He will give you a comprehensive and impartial case evaluation and review from the standpoint of proper and accepted best police practices, professional standards, training and procedures.

Because of his training, experience and expertise, Brad will go beyond the report and deposition by bring vital and critical details to light that most people would not recognize. He can stand up to the pressure of cross-examination and provide strong, clear, robust and concise information
to the jury.

Brad Smith has consulted and provided expert witness opinions on K9 use of force across the country. He has been retained, reviewed cases, given opinions, written reports and testified as an expert witness in civil litigation and criminal cases in state and federal courts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma and Washington.

Police K9 Unit Evaluations & Consulting

Brad provides K9 unit readiness evaluations to assure your K9 unit is current and up-to-date with regards to: selection of dogs, K9 handlers, training, documentation, FLSA, use of force, report writing, as well as developing and updating your K9 policy.

Who Brad Smith Works With


Brad goes beyond the defendants’ deposition by bringing vital and critical details to light that most people would not recognize. He will give you a comprehensive, impartial case evaluation and review from the standpoint of proper and accepted best police practices, professional standards, training and procedures.

An expert in this area, he can stand up to the stress of cross-examination and provide clear and concise information to the jury.

City Managers

The safety of your community is a top priority for City Managers. Brad has worked with cities, counties and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Brazil and around the world, to help protect cities like yours.

Protect your city and your employees by using Brad's experience and expertise in the selection of dogs, K9 handlers, training, use of force, and report writing, as well as developing and updating your K9 policy and K9 manuals.

k9 Tacops

Brad Smith provides Expert Witness opinions and testimonies to attorneys in criminal and civil cases regarding patrol K9 deployments and K9 SWAT operations.

Since 1986, Brad has been developing and training K9 patrol teams, as well as the highly specialized field of K9 SWAT deployments. He offers basic and advanced training courses called CATS (CAnine Tactical Schools) for patrol K9 handlers and SKIDDS (SWAT & K9 Interaction During Deployment School).

law enforcement

A properly trained police dog has proved to reduce deadly force situations as well as increase the safety for the officers, citizens and even the suspects. Brad provides this knowledge through his basic and advanced K9 patrol and K9 SWAT classes.

Brad also provides consulting services to law enforcement agencies on K9 related issues such as: dog and handler selection, oral boards, training, report writing, policy, case law, use of force, deployment tactics for K9 patrol deployments and K9 SWAT operations.


Referred to as the "Godfather of K9 SWAT" and "The Chairman", Brad Smith is retired from the West Covina Police Department in southern California after 30 years of service. During his 30 year career, Brad was a K9 handler for West Covina PD for 20 years, and the department’s K9 trainer for 23 years. He was a member of the department’s SWAT team for six years, and a K9 SWAT handler for 18 years.

Brad is a graduate of California POST Master Instructor Program, Class 5, where he designed and implemented the first and only, POST approved, K9 SWAT School (SKIDDS) and Canine Tactical School (CATS) in the State of California. (K9TacOps.com) Brad specializes in field tactics, officer safety and K9 legal preparation. Brad has been National K9 Chairman for National Tactical Officers Association (N.T.O.A.) since 1999.

Brad has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia and China teaching SKIDDS and CATS classes. Since 1988, he has lectured, taught, and trained thousands of K9 handlers, SWAT operators, and supervisors from over 45 states within the United States as well as Queensland, Australia; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; various provinces and cities throughout Canada, Florianopolis and Sao Paulo Brazil, San Jose Costa Rica and several provinces in China. 

Brad Smith K9 Tactical Operations book

Brad Smith in print

Brad is the author of two books. His first book is titled: “K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT.” Brad co-authored his second book titled: “K9’s in the Courtroom.” Brad has also published over 135 articles for a wide variety of publications on K9 SWAT Deployment, K9 patrol training and K9 civil preparation. Contact Brad below for a copy of his books.

Contact Brad Smith

Protect your city and your employees by using Brad’s experience and expertise. If you think Brad can help you please contact him.  Brad will send you his CV, retainer and fee schedule.

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